Jingle Bell Jog Results

Well, we didn’t exactly have a clear and sunny day on Saturday but the temperatures held true.  32 brave runners came and joined us for our 1st race of the year, trying to stay warm in the falling snow and 15 degree temps.  Despite the snowy and sometimes icy patches, they all appeared to enjoy themselves!  (Matt Seeley did have to improvise with the jog stroller through a nasty trail.  I think the volunteer half expected to see Matt lift up the stroller, with his daughter inside, and carry it over his head until he reached dry ground!)  Even with an obstacle like that, Matt managed to come in first, followed closely by Ali Bronsdon.  Full race results are available here.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our MVAC Fundraiser.  We were able to raise $300 for the MVAC.


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